Are you flexible or strong?

Strength and flexibility is often perceived in yoga as qualities of the body’s muscles, joints, and tissues.  However when these concepts are brought into the mind they can reflect a different aspect of personality.  Suddenly strength can become rigid or aggressive and flexibility can become uncertainty and wishy-washyness. 
Together a balance of strength and flexibility in both body and mind can gives commitment with an open mind, discrimination, and determination.  Help a yogi to build tapa (self motivation) and svadiyaya (self-study).  Two qualities needed, according to Patangali’s “Yoga Sutras” to find our way to self realization.  
In yoga we begin with the body.  So are you more flexible, or stronger?   Usually, we can define one of these are more characteristic of how we identify ourselves.  Then, bring this concept into your mat practice.  If you find you are more flexible, hold poses longer, add some weights, challenge your muscles core instead of the joints.  If you are stronger, try some deep release posses to help reach into your joints and release deeper muscle tension.  Challenge yourself with poses that encourage flexibility, but don’t push, instead rest into each pose, try and stay away from the edge of maximum flexibility and hold at 80% so the Golgi tendon organ can stop firing.  
Then try applying these concepts to your mental work and see where you are led.