Cave of the heart

That still quiet space where strength lives.  Where trust hides and silence pervades.  She is expansive.  Walls of rock and dirt, like a cave, but alive.  The boundaries are only where they need to be.  In the middle, a clear place to sit and a glowing eternal fire.  One sits in meditation, listening for God.  The other walks in prayer, speaking to the same.  Wisdom is a living entity that only need be called upon.  Love rules here in unjudging peace.  There are no expectations to be met, no to do lists to be done.  Purpose is to be and to be breathed. 

Sometimes I forget this place exists.  Chaos and whirlwind lift me up and carry me through time and space to leave me lost in the unknown.  Until I remember again the stillness, the quiet, what matters most to me.  I remember the fire, the cave, the stream that runs through it all attended by the two.  It is beauty and balance and understanding beyond the limits of my skin and bones.  It is deep as the deepest breath, the deepest ocean floor, the deepest space in the universe.  Deep as the love in the heart I call my own.

But that heart is not just my heart.  It is the heart that beats life through the streams of the universe.  Through the blackness and light.  It is shared by creatures of all kinds.  Of human and alien, of animal and vegetable, of time, and air, space.  Compassion binds us together, hold us up, sends us out and brings us back in.  The heart is not mine to have, it is for all.  It is the center of all things.  The creator and destroyer.  The yin and yang.  We borrow what we need, we visit for awhile, but then we go again, or forget, or move away.  Never really leaving, but going all the same, then realizing we were here all along.

Wrapped in love, cradled in understanding we remember.  We bring our pain, but it vanishes here.  We bring heartache, but we are healed.  We bring grief but find our love ones are still with us.  We are not alone and suffering, but transformed, alive and full.  Full of strength, compassion, kindness, connection.  Together we do not hurt. We are whole.






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