First Post!

After so many years I finally have a website up and running.  Thanks to all those who have given me feedback for improvements.
I’m headed up to the Himalayian Institute for training the weekend of the 16th. I look forward to the focus and time to deepen my practice.  I’ll bring back some new energy and excitment for classes so be sure to be there the week of the 19th.  Until then, love and light to you.  Peace,






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  1. Barbara Jacocks Avatar
    Barbara Jacocks

    I’ve had the good fortune of taking yoga classes with Andrea for two years at Bon Air Presbyterian church (very convenient since it is my home church!). The way Andrea teaches–with calm, confident, and tailored treatment for the individual in a group–has been a godsend for me. She somehow captures a natural flow that brings mind and body together with ease. I leave each class with a greater sense of self and peace. Our class size is small making the camaraderie especially welcoming…..Please join us!

  2. Penny Cannon Hodge Avatar
    Penny Cannon Hodge

    I am Andrea’s affectionate “puppy” in her Yoga classes adding a bit of humor to her very well prepared and tailored made classes. Andrea gives you individual attention and seems to remember the pecularities of us all. I travel about 30 minutes to get to her class on Monday mornings because I wouldn’t want anyone else to teach me Yoga. I have been her student for all 11 years of her career and am proud of it. And folks this is my first blog so I hope it gets to where blogs are suppose to go. Am looking forward to hearing about the Saturday classes. .

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