My trip to the Himalayan Institute.

It was a wonderful trip to PA and the Institute.  I learned, rested, and strengthened my body, mind and soul.  I feel clearer and cleaner and healther than before I left and hope to bring some of that feeling back to you. 
It’s difficult to put it into words so I do best to share with you in person in class.  Let me try and write a few concepts I learned.  I’m always talking about no increased pain as you do yoga, but Shari Freidrickson’s class emphasised receiving a pose instead of doing it.  While this may sound funny out of context, it is all about releasing into each pose.  Feeling more, having more awareness, accepting your body and its limitation, weaknesses, and oddities.  It’s about letting your faith guide you and trustfully surrendering into that faith. It’s about letting go.
I hope to bring you closer to an understanding in class.
In love and surrender,






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