Random Acts of Kindness

Last week was a long week.  My husband was going one direction, I was going another direction, and the kids were not happy.  At the end of meditation practice  this particular morning I said a special prayer inviting in kindness, patience, and all those things I thought I might need for the day.  I went to eat breakfast and found out that our sitter for the night cancelled.  I said, okay, I’ll take the kids with me to class.  But class is at 6:00, so I need to pick them up dinner because, of course, there is no food in the house since the week was so busy. 
When we went to pick up dinner, I got to the cashier and she handed us our food and said, “okay your bill is taken care of.”  I looked blankly at her.  She said the woman in front of you payed your bill.  With dawning comprehension I said, “but I don’t know the woman that was in front of me.”  The cashier’s smile got bigger.  I looked around for the woman, but she was not to be seen.  Tears started rolling down my face.  My kids were in shock, they said, “she paid for our food!”  
It was such a small act, but my kids and I are inspired. I can’t wait to do the same thing for another family. To give that unexpected gift that can remind us we are more than ourselves. That we have the ability to give and for someone else to receive.  Three of us received.  I am most grateful for that.  My two kids, tweens, felt that gift, that love, that kindness.  What a valuable moment, for so many reasons.
Thank you to all those who do and give random acts of kindness.  You are angles and devas, and gurus — You are unconditional love.