On days when I’m tight and sore, stiff and less able to move I find I lack space.  Sometimes it’s the mental space to think thoats through, sometimes it’s the physical space to digest, and sometime it’s the spiritual space to grow.  But if I take the time to come to my Yoga practice of movement, breath work and meditation, I slowly find room. 
Sometimes I feel the pain in a joint, or my heart, or somewhere unreachable.  So I start my routine with the faith that things will loosen.  As I move through each motion, each muscle and joint my mood lightens, my breath deepens and I find myself with more energy for the next move of my body.  My focus will deepen and the small aches will lessen.  If it’s a good day the aches will vanish by the end of my practice.  I’ll have found the inner space I need to tackle my day.  The inner space to step forward and face my fears and anxieties about what’s next.  Sometimes I find insight that helps me move more easily through a difficult situation.  On other days, I just find it easier to move through my day with more awareness.  Everyday I make time to look for inner space I find something special, I find and refind the wonders of who I am. 






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