Some days are easier than others.  Finding inspiration and the strength to go through each day can be stressful.  Spring is about renewal and finding that inspiration and energy.  Sometimes I find it as easy as sitting quietly and listening to the sounds of the moment.  Bringing my mind to the present moment and breathing deep.  Othertimes my body is so tight and tired that focusing on the moment seems lightyears away.  That’s when I lay on the floor and begin to move through yoga.  Through the pain, chaos, emotion and torment.  It takes time to come to focus on the breath.  Patience and practice is what gets me there.  The toughest part is getting myself to let go of the must dos, the have tos and remind myself that if I cannot focus I can’t be doing a very good job of helping my kids or anyone.  If I cannot breath I’m doing more harm to the world than good because I’m not aware of my actions.  If I’m not aware of my actions what am I doing???  That is when I find the strength to reach for my mat and do more.  To breath, to come into the moment, to realize that I can make a positive change that affects my world and in turn affects the whole world.  I realize I’m able to make a choice and be kind instead of quick tempered, to be patient instead of judgemental, and to do my best for each moment.  For me this is Yoga.






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