Those things

Those things that we run from, that we tend to distract ourselves from thinking on, those things are the things that color the lens of life.  Sometimes those things feel too big to tackle, or we feel powerless to change or resolve the issues in our lives.  What to do?  Rest and breathe.  Let the mind sense, “those things” stored in the corner of the mind or the back of the heart, or wherever they are.  Let the breathe touch the edges and then let that be enough.  Come back again later, maybe the next day and sense that edge again.  Sense where in your body/mind you store your pain, grief, anger, embarrassment. Let that be enough and come back again.  Keep coming back and exploring, remembering, investigating.  Sit/lie with these sensation and let them be exactly what they are, a sense of something past, something grasp.  Keep with it and if you need to, ask a teacher, or health care worker, or friend to help sort through those things that can be spoken about out loud. Journal, practice your yoga, breathe, and most of all let there be a safe and loving space inside yourself to explore your deepest feelings, emotions, and pain.  It will help “those things” from growing too big to tackle.  In time, your lens may clear and the world may look a little brighter than it did before.






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