Why do you Yoga?

Why Yoga?  As you sit on your mat and find your center – do you know what brought you there?   What is your intention, goal, reason, awareness?  Have you come for a workout?  Have you come to move? For energy? To find your true self?  To experience life in a different way?  
Take time to know what you want, why you Yoga.  The more specific your reasons, your intention, the more you will get out of Yoga.  If you do corps pose to rest, you may fall asleep.  If you do corps pose to balance your energy you may begin to feel your breathing and it’s subtle movements.  If you do relaxation to move inward, you may find you senses withdrawing and your mind focusing.  

Your purpose is your purpose.  Whatever your reason, keep it internal and let that intention guide your every move, your every breath.  Let you intention find life and live in your body.  See where a strong purpose takes you.  W






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