You can’t be bad at Yoga!

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “I’m really bad at Yoga.”  You cannot be bad at Yoga unless you don’t do Yoga – in which case you really aren’t bad at it because you never tried – or you constantly injure yourself while doing Yoga. In which case you are either ignoring your body’s cues, or you are doing Yoga for a reason other than making your body stronger and healthier.  If you are not flexible, you practice to find your tightness and begin to relieve it.  If you are week, you practice to get stronger.  If we thought we were bad at anything that was difficult or that we had to work at, then we would never challenge ourselves and our boundaries.  Yoga is about challenge, growth, awareness, acceptance, life, and love, not a pose or a tight muscle.  Don’t say you are bad at Yoga, instead take a deep breath and give Yoga a chance to help you understand what you can do.






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