Your true intention

Yoga practice is all about intention and awareness.  What is your intention?  Remembering your intention from the beginning of a yoga class to the end can be a challenge.  What happens when you take the practice off the mat and into your daily life? 
Try it.  Set an intention at the beginning of the day and see if you can follow that intention for a whole day, or even a few hours.   You may find that your intention wasn’t so important, or that it doesn’t have a strong motivation behind it.  With practice, you’ll find an intention to guide you.  An intention that helps define what is important, what to say yes and no too each day.  Something that begins to clear the muddle of the mind and bring mindfulness to each day and moment.  This intention may turn into passion.  You may find you’re following your dharma, or what is truly yours to do. Then if you fail or succeed means less, instead it is about the intention, and the way you walk your path. 
Once you find your true intention and follow that path nothing will stop you.  You will know your way and not be swayed from that path no matter what obstacles you come upon.  To find your true intention is a blessing.