Student Words


I’m still reaping the benefits from our yoga and meditation practice from this past weekend. Thank you for guiding me and sharing your wisdom. 


Beneficial workshop! I felt comfortable asking about meditation and anger that may arise with practice. She helped me understand meditation will bring unresolved issues up so that we must face them and grow! 
This course was an awesome way to remind myself I can access meditation at anytime. Meditation always grounds me and helps calm my mind. She taught whether we access 2 minutes or 20 minutes, both are helpful and beneficial.
–Yoga Alliance YACEP review


I so enjoyed Andrea’s meditation workshop today!  She is so knowledgeable and really liked the point she made to simply do it and not worry about doing it “right”.
–Yoga Alliance YACEP review


The Heart of Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training program, under the leadership of very professional and experienced teacher Andrea Bleck Smith, provides a solid foundation on which to build both a strong teaching practice and a meaningful personal practice. Andrea is supported in the teacher training program by a group of teachers and mentors with in depth experience in practicing and teaching yoga, anatomy, and ayurveda. The training accommodates budding teachers ranging from those desiring to teach a “yoga for athletes”-type course to those focusing on gentle and restorative hatha yoga. Andrea and the three studio owners offer a smart and realistic overview of the business of teaching and owning a yoga studio. Most of all, the Heart of Yoga program provides ample opportunities for students to teach in the studio, with supervision, encouragement and constructive criticism, so that they are prepared to teach safe and comprehensive yoga classes at the completion of their RYT-200 training.


​Andrea is an inspiration to work with as a fellow teacher or student. She has an open, caring demeanor which carries over into her teaching style.


I was just thinking about you this morning!! You completely changed my life. When you restored mobility to my knee 13 years ago I thought I would just have a life without pain. I am so grateful to have Andrea as part of my life journey. She healed me and without her I never would have finish my marathon two months ago. Thank you for giving me that life experience.


I have had many yoga instructors over the years.  Andrea fits into the excellent category.  In our gentle yoga class, she assesses each member, informs and instructs with clarity what each posture is for and how far to take it according to our comfort level.  Her bright outlook on life is contagious so that even in the most challenging stretch on a bleak winter morning, you can walk out of her class feeling uplifted spiritually and as if your body has just had a wonderful massage.


I am Andrea’s affectionate “puppy” in her Yoga classes adding a bit of humor to her very well prepared and tailored made classes. Andrea gives you individual attention and seems to remember the peculiarities of us all. I travel about 30 minutes to get to her class on Monday mornings because I wouldn’t want anyone else to teach me Yoga. I have been her student for all 15 years of her career and am proud of it.


Andrea possesses rare qualities of sensitivity, empathy, warmth and humor, coupled with conceptually-informed sense of purpose that keeps us on our toes. These are qualities above and beyond what can be taught and learned.   Mark Lederway, Ph.D.


I’ve had the good fortune of taking yoga classes with Andrea for two years at Bon Air Presbyterian church (very convenient since it is my home church!). The way Andrea teaches–with calm, confident, and tailored treatment for the individual in a group–has been a godsend for me. She somehow captures a natural flow that brings mind and body together with ease. I leave each class with a greater sense of self and peace. Our class size is small making the camaraderie especially welcoming…..Please join us!


Yoga, for me, has in many ways saved my life. I started yoga for the first time at the age of 62 with Andrea as my teacher. When I started practicing yoga I had no  idea how unaware I was of my body, how much I needed to improve my balance and flexibility and how easy it was to relax and center yourself once you became accustomed to doing so. 

Eight years after starting yoga I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, had major surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I give Andrea partial credit for my early diagnosis because I had come to know my body so well, knew something was wrong and my doctor also knew how well I knew my body and vigorously pursued my concerns. Since my diagnosis I have depended on yoga even more. Breathing to my pain, relaxing when I tensed up from some procedure and the continued knowledge of my body even as it has changed has made my life more comfortable. It has also reduced problems created by complications from the surgery as well as continued to provide me with overall benefits to my body and my soul.