Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes, Seminars, and Lectures

Taught in the Himalayan Yoga tradition, all classes focus on alignment and breath awareness. Additionally each session we will balance working with strength and flexibility. Students will receive personal alignment suggestions and assistance as is needed.  Class ends with a brief relaxation to balance the body and its systems.

Private classes, lectures, and seminars can be scheduled by contacting me at 804-928-7951.

Gentle Monday Morning9:30-10:30amBon Air Presbyterian
Thursday Evening Unwind 6:00-7:00pmBon Air Presbyterian
Friday Morning Backyard8:15-9:15amBackyard (call for info)
Saturday Morning Backyard9:00-10amBackyard (call for info)

Gentle Monday Mornings

Join our gentle yoga group from 9:30 to 10:30am at Bon Air Presbyterian Church.  This class is meant for those whom enjoy moving a little slower and are looking to maintain or gently increase strength and flexibility.  We will focus on moving all joints and muscles groups to create a balanced spine and interweaving a breath focus to restore the nervous system.
$54 for the six week session or $10 drop-in

Thursday Evening Unwind

Join our group from 6 to 7pm at Bon Air Presbyterian Church. 
If you are looking to unwind after work and reestablish or maintain your physical and emotional center, this is the class for you.  This hour class consists of a  balanced practice with a focus on breath and alignment finishing with a restoring relaxation.
$54 for the six week session or $10 for drop-in

Pranyama and Meditation

Explore and deepen your Yoga practice. This class will investigate the upper rungs of Astana Yoga focusing on pranayama, pratyahara, and meditation. We will begin with a brief stretch followed by shavasana, a detailed pranayama practice, and finishing with guided meditation. This class is a great place to learn and experience new techniques and expand your Yoga practice. ​

Private Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga  sessions implement guided yoga practices with the focus solely on you and your needs.  We can create a practice that fits you individually with focus on your mind and body issues such as back pain, anxiety, or mental overwhelm. Private yoga is a wonderful way to create time and space for your inner work, reflection, and self betterment.  Session can be arranged at your site. 

$100 for single sessions   $80 per class for 3 or more sessions.

Chair Yoga

These group seated classes have been developed for those with less mobility.  Class is ideal for private organizations such as nursing homes, senior centers, or special needs groups.  This course gently challenges both the mind and body from a sitting postion and is based in kindness and respect to the body, mind and soul.  Class will go through a series of joint and muscle movements to warm-up and bring gentle stretch and strengthening to the body.  Classes may also include strength and memory games, ending with seated relaxation and breath focus.  
$65 per class

Lectures and Seminars

Lectures and seminar topics include:
Yoga as a Pilgrimage: Moving Inward
Yoga for Stress relief
Harnessing the Healing Power of Breath
Relax and Meditate
Yoga for Depression
Yoga and Anatomy of the Hips
Beginning Breath Training
for more on these topics click here

Additional topics may be requested.  Length of lecture and or seminar will vary from 1 to 3 hours.